Manufacturing Facility

Our organization is supported with a state-of-the-art production unit equipped with all the modern amenities and technologically advanced machinery. Aided with all these machines and equipments, we are able to manufacture superior quality Dress & Sports Socks. The designs are in accordance with the international standards and define the latest fashion trends. The entire production process is mentioned below:

Basic Material We have joined hands with some reputed vendors who provide us with fine quality fabrics and raw materials. As per our specification, our suppliers provide us with yarns and fabrics of combed cotton, synthetic fabrics, lycra and spandex. All the procured items undergo stringent quality tests on our site to ensure that the raw materials are flawless.
Knitting Our operators are provided with job cards to work on the knitting machines as per the order of the knitting. After the knitting operation is completed, the products along with the job card are forwarded to the linking operator for further process.
Linking At the linker site our trained linking operators further link the products which are knitted. There are two methods of linking: 1)Hand Linking and 2)Rosso Linking.
Washing/ Softening/ Anti-bacterial In order to make the socks free of germs, they undergo antibacterial treatments after being thoroughly washed and softened.
Boarding and Pairing After coming out of the washing and antibacterial treatments, the socks are transferred to the steam boarding machines. Here the socks are pressed and then arranged into pairs according to the specifications.
Labeling The socks are finally labeled according to the specifications of our clients for their easy identification.
Packaging The final procedure is the packaging of the finished socks which are again done as per the specifications of our clients. The packaging materials we use are good quality poly bags. Further they are packed in carton boxes for ease of transit.

Warehouse and Packaging

All the finished products are properly packaged so that the Dress Socks do not get damaged while transportation of the consignments. The packaging materials used are of superior quality poly bags which helps in displaying the products at the same time being sturdy. Further these dress socks are put in sturdy carton boxes for the convenience in handling and transit.

The packaged products are stored in our spacious warehouse until the time of dispatch. Our warehouse is clean and hygienic and free from dust and moisture. The warehouse is also well connected with roadways to facilitate easy shipment. The entire area is fitted with cabinets and shelves so as to store the products according to their categories. We employ experienced warehouse experts who are responsible for keeping the warehouse safe and secure. They also keep a record of all the consignments stored and help in loading and unloading of the goods.

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